"Megalithic Man Race 2015"

17th October

Megalithic Man Info

The Race

The Megalithic Man is a grassroots race just starting off in its third year. We aim to run a great race starting with small numbers to start with but have our sights on growing to bigger and better courses. Something different to a triathlon with the hill run and a assault course with decent obstacles alongside the cycle and run element mean a tough race requiring a range of skills and types of fitness challenge the strongest Megalithic men, women and kids to prove themselves!

The Distances

Megalithic Full: The the full Megalithic Man course of 27.5 km involving the 6 km forest run, 10 km road cycle to the bottom of Slaibh na Caillagh where you will hike with your bike 1.5 km up a steep hill and past the Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns to the cairns car park. You will then continue with another 10 km road cycle through Oldcastle back to Loughcrew Adventure Centre. An 1 km assault course will finish the course and any energy you have left!
This course is for anyone who is regularly active in running and cycling and looking for a good challenge. The course is not extremely long but it is quite hilly and very steep in places.
Megalithic Short: This version of the course will take a slightly shorter run of 5 km,  followed by a loop cycle of 16 km back to the transition at Loughcrew Adventure Centre. A 1 km assault course will finish the course and any energy you have left! (This course does not include the hike’a’bike and does not pass the Megalithic Loughcrew Cairns)
This route would suit someone looking to do their first adventure race with a average level of fitness. This would be a excellent goal to set yourself. The race is suitable for adults and fit juniors of 13 years old and above
Neolithic Challenge: This is for those not into cycling with a challenging 5 km run and the 1km Assault Course.
Open for adults and children, this is a different take on the standard 5km fun run as it has a tough assault course to get through before you can finish.


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Megalithic Man Race 2014

Have a look at some moments from last year’s race below!





Neolithic Challenge Info

The Race

This year we have a new race on the schedule, The Neolithic Challenge! For this race you forget about the bicycles and run thorough the historic Loughcrew landscape like your neolithic ancestors before. Start off in the centuries old Loughcrew gardens before commencing a hilly 5km run through the Loughcrew forest. Once you’re out of the forest a rigorous 1 km assualt course lies in the way between you and the finish line. Make it over the finish line and you have conquered the challenge.

This race is ideal for people who like a challenge as well as having fun!

The Neolithic Team Challenge 

Take on the Neolithic Challenge with 3 other friends and work as a team to emerge through the tough terrain and reach the finish line. There will be prizes for the teams with the fastest average finishing times! Do you think your team has what it takes to come out victorious?

Entry for a team of 4 is just €80.

Entry for a team of 4 under 16s is just €40!